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Marxists Internet Archive




Welcome to the Basque section of   The Marxists Internet Archive.

With the The Marxists Internet Archive we want to give an easy access to the works of especially the "classic" Marxists. Already a substantial part of these are available in English, and by establishing a non-English sections we hope even more people will be be able to use the archive.

This Basque section is just at the very start – and will probably be for some time. It takes time to transfer texts into an electronic medium. So if you are looking for specific works which are not yet here, please take a look in the English language main archive or in the other language sections.

At present works of the following writers are available in Basque – either directly in the archive or by links to other sites on the net:


Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels

Vladimir Ilich Lenin

Leon Trotsky


In addition, the following Reference Archives are available:

Mikhail Bakunin


If you want to contribute – much or just a little – to building the archive please contact MIA X-Languages. . This also applies if you find errors of any sort or if you have suggestions, etc.


The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.

(Karl Marx: Theses on Feuerbach)


Last updated 19.VI.2008